The Black Path free literary event, Wed 23 October.

Don’t forget that there will be a free reading of work from The Black Path by last year’s students on the MA Creative Writing course.

The reading will take place in MC0025, 12.00 – 1.00, Wednesday 23 October (2013). Work will include poems, flash fiction and extracts from longer pieces.

Everyone welcome.

“Monkey Creates”, a poem by Nick Beaumont.

Monkey Creates

The universe is an omelette.
An omelette, or maybe a quiche…
well anyway, the important thing is
it all started with an egg.

An egg with a bloody great crack
down the middle that fizzles
with dark energy. One day, it splinters
open from one too many bangs

on the celestial frying pan,
spattering globules of sticky blackness
across time and space.
The shell pirouettes away, leaving

a yolk that would have fallen if it wasn’t
for the lack of gravity, but instead
hangs in the gaping silence,
a black, undulating mass of chaos.

The mass is snoring.
But it doesn’t snore for long. Monkey wakes
and scratches his furry arse.
It’s pretty close in here he thinks,

so he lifts up his Monkey paws,
and pushes away the squishy black space yolk.
Above him he creates the great
celestial jungle, and below the waters

of the celestial rapids. He swipes
whole paw-fulls of oozing jelly
and skilfully fashions the
banana tree galaxy, the climbing frame

solar system, even the delicate
patterns of the tree vine constellations.
Exhausted, Monkey rests
on the great primordial rubber tyre,

ideally flicking fleas into the cosmos,
where they explode in soft plumes
of orange and purple, becoming
spiralling galaxies and unexplored nebulas.

By Nick Beaumont (alumnus 2010-2011).

Using Google+ for video/chat/online readings.

Signing up with Google+ for its chat and Skype-like facilities (“Hangouts”) is worth thinking about, especially as you can hold conversations with up to 9 people at a time. Hangout sessions can be recorded and posted to YouTube. There are definite possibilities there for online readings.

Google+ For Dummies.

The Larkin and East Riding Poetry Prize 2013.

The prestigious Larkin and East Riding Poetry Competition is now open for entries.

Shortlisted entries will be judged by one the UK’s most influential poets, Jackie Kay. Poems are submitted anonymously so each entry is judged on its own merits. Winners and commended poets will be invited to read their poems at the Bridlington Poetry Festival (14-16 June 2013) in the company of some of the UK’s finest poets, including the Prize’s Judge, Jackie Kay.

Further details here.

Poetry magazines.

This site contains Poetry Library’s free access non-profit-making online archive of English 20th and 21st century poetry magazines which is part of the library’s ongoing digitisation project funded by the Arts Council England.

The Poetry Library launched in 2003. It aims to reach new audiences and preserve the magazines for the future.

It already holds more than 6,000 poems published in over 50 different magazines, with work by Fleur Adcock, Jen Hadfield, Seamus Heaney, Michael Horovitz, Jackie Kay, Edwin Morgan, Paul Muldoon, Les Murray, Sheenagh Pugh, Owen Sheers, Fiona Sampson, Penelope Shuttle and many more.

The website has been selected by the British Library to be archived by its digital heritage web archiving project, the UK Web Archive.

Source: The South Bank Poetry Library.

Some old, some new and some departed.

In the Loop on Radio Wildfire.

There’s a new format for The Loop on Radio Wildfire – and there’s a longer than ever selection of stories, satires, poetry, spoken word, music and interview playing 24/7@

For the first time ever The Loop now features a repeat of the whole of the latest edition of our re:Lit programme (from Monday January 7th 2013). Responding to listener comments, that means you can catch up with tracks from cds by Bradford’s Nick Toczek and Poetry Cornwall’s Les Merton with The Moontones. Plus tracks uploaded to the Submit page of the Radio Wildfire website by Mark Goodwin; Gable Ratchet; Bissecta and Kinsâme from Montpellier; 6&8 with poet Jessica Peace and Rory McCormick; Savaran with Danish poet Sarah Maria Raun; and The Antipoet – a feast of poetry with a plethora of musical styles and ambient backing, plus all the chat between.

Also in the programme you can hear the winners of the Narrated Tales competition that we have been running in conjunction with the online fiction community, with stories from Massimo Marino, Jessica Sepple and Robbie MacInnes. And we have an intriguing new story from Ireland Shergar in the Fairy Ring written and read by Catherine Vallely – the show is introduced, as usual, by Dave Reeves.

PLUS The Loop has a rerun of Tony Judge’s satire A Brief and Approximate Guide to Space – which means there’s over two hours of listening.

So join us and listen by going to and clicking on The Loop.

(And don’t forget, you can upload soundfiles of your own work to the ‘Submit’ page of the Radio Wildfire website. Mp3s are our preferred format. You can also ensure you always get reminders of upcoming shows on Radio Wildfire by following us on Twitter.)

The Loop is curated by Vaughn Reeves and will play online continuously for the next month (approximately), except during our live broadcast on Monday 4th February starting at 8.00pm UK time with a full programme of pre-recorded tracks, live studio guests and conversation.

We hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes from the folk at Radio Wildfire.


Radio Wildfire is an independent online radio station which blends spoken word, poetry, performance literature, comedy, storytelling, short stories and more with a novel selection of word/music fusion and an eclectic mix of musical styles. currently broadcasts live 8.00-10.00pm (UK time) on the first Monday of every month.

Listen to Radio Wildfire at where The Loop plays 24 hours a day.

Faber offers poetry e-books with audio.

Faber has launched a series of digital-only poetry e-books being described as “a new way to appreciate poetry”.

The Faber Voices series of e-books presents selections of each poet’s work with a line-by-line synchronised recording of the author reading their own poems.

The series, launching with work from Ted Hughes, Seamus Heaney, Philip Larkin and Wendy Cope, is built with Epub 3.0 and available on the Apple iBooks platform.

Henry Volans, head of digital at Faber, said: “Faber Voices has the potential to bring poetry in its spoken form—read by the poets—to a larger audience than ever before. In harnessing the recordings to the written works in a single e-book we believe we are presenting a new way to appreciate poetry.”

The four launch titles are just the start of what Volans promised would be “a significant new list designed to grow as e-books themselves become ever more sophisticated”.

Each title is priced at £2.99.

Source: The Bookseller.