In the Loop on Radio Wildfire.

There’s a new format for The Loop on Radio Wildfire – and there’s a longer than ever selection of stories, satires, poetry, spoken word, music and interview playing 24/7@

For the first time ever The Loop now features a repeat of the whole of the latest edition of our re:Lit programme (from Monday January 7th 2013). Responding to listener comments, that means you can catch up with tracks from cds by Bradford’s Nick Toczek and Poetry Cornwall’s Les Merton with The Moontones. Plus tracks uploaded to the Submit page of the Radio Wildfire website by Mark Goodwin; Gable Ratchet; Bissecta and Kinsâme from Montpellier; 6&8 with poet Jessica Peace and Rory McCormick; Savaran with Danish poet Sarah Maria Raun; and The Antipoet – a feast of poetry with a plethora of musical styles and ambient backing, plus all the chat between.

Also in the programme you can hear the winners of the Narrated Tales competition that we have been running in conjunction with the online fiction community, with stories from Massimo Marino, Jessica Sepple and Robbie MacInnes. And we have an intriguing new story from Ireland Shergar in the Fairy Ring written and read by Catherine Vallely – the show is introduced, as usual, by Dave Reeves.

PLUS The Loop has a rerun of Tony Judge’s satire A Brief and Approximate Guide to Space – which means there’s over two hours of listening.

So join us and listen by going to and clicking on The Loop.

(And don’t forget, you can upload soundfiles of your own work to the ‘Submit’ page of the Radio Wildfire website. Mp3s are our preferred format. You can also ensure you always get reminders of upcoming shows on Radio Wildfire by following us on Twitter.)

The Loop is curated by Vaughn Reeves and will play online continuously for the next month (approximately), except during our live broadcast on Monday 4th February starting at 8.00pm UK time with a full programme of pre-recorded tracks, live studio guests and conversation.

We hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes from the folk at Radio Wildfire.


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