Publishing success for Jennifer and Shirley.

Two of our students, Jennifer Fytelson and Shirley Bell, have had poems accepted in magazines.

Jennifer recently had a poem in The Mitre, North America’s oldest literary magaine, published by Bishop’s University in Canada.

Shirley has a poem in a forthcoming issue of The Rialto, one of the UK’s top poetry magazines and publishers.

Congratulations to both of them!

Auden still matters.


He wrote a poem in praise of limestone. He wrote a poem about Sigmund Freud. He wrote poems about cats and opera, about the minute organisms that live on human skin. He wrote an achingly beautiful love poem, a lullaby that stands among the gentlest and most forgiving poetry of the 20th century. Years after his death, when the World Trade Center towers were brought to the ground, traumatised New Yorkers faxed each other copies of a poem he had written for an earlier and greater crisis, “September 1, 1939”.

Source: Alexander McCall Smith in The Spectator.

Writers predeceased by their works. Not that I’m trying to discourage you…

Gibson went on to publish the most widely read book of (first world) war poetry by a non-combatant, including the very popular “Breakfast”, an instant candidate for any new edition of The Stuffed Owl. But in the wake of the war, and with the rise of modernism, his fame quickly faded. Poignantly, Gibson himself was only too conscious of his short lease. In 1934, according to Hollis, he wrote to Frost to say, “I am one of those unlucky writers whose books have predeceased him”.

Source: Guardian.

Hot Key Books launch interactive writing project.

Hot Key Books has launched a free interactive writing project, “Fleur Hitchcock’s Story Adventure”, which is aimed at children aged 7-11 years, to help author Hitchcock write the sequel to her novel SHRUNK!

The project will run between 21st January and 13th May 2013, and will be hosted on a secure site through Children can register to take part from 11th December, read Hitchcock’s prologue for the book and put forward ideas for the title. Hitchcock will then post her first chapter on 21st January 2013 and invite children to answer questions and complete off-screen activities.

The best ideas will be incorporated into the following chapter, with a new chapter uploaded every Monday until 13th May 2013. The final book is due for publication in January 2014.

Source: The Bookseller.

Family plug: Clockwise to Titan.